Welcome to BZY Reader!

My mission with BZY Reader boxes is to come alongside parents and give them fun and educational activities to do with their child where the work of planning things to do, collecting materials, and finding quality, age appropriate literature is already done. And what child doesn’t love getting a package in the mail? I hope you and your child enjoy the boxes as much as I have enjoyed creating them!
The BZY Path To Success
We start with custom developed curriculum based on a Masters in Early Childhood education, years of experience, and constant focus testing with young readers to create a solid starting base.
Every book is hand-picked for its quality and the activities that naturally arise from it. Each box will include an age-appropriate book that you can feel confident sharing with your children.
Each book will inspire its own set of fun and educational activities, from literature and math to science and the community.
Looking for more to do with your BZY Reader book? Our additional resources included with the order will inspire fun until your next box arrives!
BZY Reader Boxes
$20 ea. + s/h

Wee Reader Age 2-3

These literature based activity boxes are developed especially with your 2-3 year old in mind.

$20 ea. + s/h

Little Reader Age 4-5

The perfect place to start inspiring your child to love reading!

$20 ea. + s/h

Young Reader Age 6-7

A more advanced book and activities for Kinder or 1st Grade readers


Each box inspires young readers to fall in love with reading through a fun book and enriching activities delivered to your child!


What Our Parents & Kids are Saying
Lauren F

Check these out! My son LOVES them, and he doesn't even realize he's learning while he plays!

Miranda S.

At 1st my son was just excited about getting mail! Now that he knows it's packed full of fun, he is even more excited when one comes in! I love it!

Traci P.

We ordered the young reader box for June. We absolutely loved the book and the whole box!

Christa H.

BZY Reader is a fun activity box for youngsters to enjoy while reading a book. My kids just love getting a package in the mail as well as the activities that go with each book! So.much.fun! Great for summer activities and at only $20 you can't go wrong! Highly recommend.

Melissa T.

BZY Reader Box is a great resource to tie reading with academically oriented activities- my children enjoy the book then we interact together as a family to engage them in mathematical concepts, language skills and scientific adventures! A blessing for the summer to keep my children academically minded!

Giving Back

BZY Reader believes that it is important to contribute to the community and help children who are in need. Our overall philosophy is to give a box to Family Hope Ministries for every 10 boxes that are sold. This ministry has connections to children who have very little. It is not a monetary donation, but a direct donation to the children.

Individual donations are also given as needs arise. We have given books to a Girl Scout working on her bronze award as she collected and distributed children’s books to women’s shelters in the Houston area. Recently we had the opportunity to help the children displaced to shelters because of Hurricane Harvey. BZY Reader was able to donate books, activities, and craft supplies to help occupy those children’s time productively while they waited to return to their home.

So thank you for your purchase! While you are blessing your own child with these boxes, you are also blessing a child in need.