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Let me introduce myself!  I’m Lucy and I have loved working with children since I was 12 and went to the Ohio State Child Development Center to work with my sister.  It was there that I first experienced the joy of watching children learn and be exposed to toys that fostered their brain development and activities that enhanced their creativity.

Through college I worked in a church with a large children’s ministry.  I worked with a woman who helped me understand working with the little ones and taking things down to a level that they could understand.  Additionally, this church provided training with a behavioral psychologist where I began to learn more about why children do the things they do.

I pursued a Masters in Early Childhood Education, completed the requirements for a teaching certificate and began my teaching career.  I taught seven years in the primary grades before I became a stay at home mom.  It was exciting to be able to provide activates that built a strong foundation for them to learn on.

Fast forward 16 years and my children were not so little and I was ready to go back to teaching.  It was a time warp, where I saw students in my Kindergarten classes expected to sit and write, read, and do math.  Many were stressed with having academic expectation beyond their developmental ability.  It just seemed there was a kinder, gentler way to help children learn.

I left to work at a private school as a transitional teacher.  What is a transitional teacher you may ask?  It is a teacher who teaches children who are age wise ready to be in Kindergarten, but for any number of reasons, their parents want to give them another year.  This was the kinder, gentler approach I was looking for.  I am able to lay a strong foundation to prepare them for Kindergarten, without the stress of having to sit and produce.  They are free to explore and learn with activities that are educational, fun, and developmentally appropriate.

I am passionate about children and know the best thing for children is having their parents involved.  I also realize that carving out time can be a challenge.  Reading is the perfect avenue to bring this together.  So, BZY Reader was born.  I bring years of teaching experience, parenting experience, and education to these boxes.  I choose books that I know children will enjoy, create activities and provide materials so you can have the joy of watching your child grow and learn.