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Kinder Reader June

Dino Explore with the fun activities included in this box. Seek out the number words and rhyming words found in the book. Use little bones to better understand numbers. Dig out a dino bone from the block just like a paleontologist dig out bones from the earth. Learn the names of some dinos while increasing your memory with the game included in the box. Learn about the bones in the dinos with the flashlight book. Just for fun, your child will find a little dino in an egg. Dinos in eggs will vary as will the color of flashlights included in the box.

June boxes will be shipped the first week of June.

Kinder Reader July

Blast off and explore the planets with this non-fiction book! Hunt for planet names found in the book. Create your own space objects with pattern blocks. Challenge your memory with matching names to the planets. Create your own space scene with stickers.

July boxes will be shipped the first week of July.

Kinder Reader August

Get ready for school with this silly book with simple words and plenty of expression! Create your own persuasive story using speech bubbles! Refresh your memory by grabbing up some 3-D shapes. Make your own bus route, then drive your bus through its route!  Make a bus just for pigeon! Speech bubbles, grabbers, and 3-D shapes may vary in color.

August boxes will be shipped the first week of August.



This will provide 3 BZY Reader kits for your Kinder/1st reader.

Each will contain the following:

  1. Book
  2. Materials for Activities (not pictured and will be sent separately)
  3. Instructions


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