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Little Reader June

Your child will have fun using foam to begin recognizing letters! They will work on beginning sorting skills. They will create a fun M for mouse craft activity. This silly rhyming book deals with problem solving, included in the box is a secondary book “Be Fair & Share” to read with your child as they learn to share with other children.

June boxes will be shipped the first week of June.

Little Reader July

Stickers and books are made to go together! Your child will enjoy finding the letters Mama and putting a sticker on it in the book! Then they have the opportunity to practice their letter writing skills on a magnetic writing board. They will identify different shapes with the wooden shape puzzle. Dark becomes light with a flashlight! Your child will enjoy exploring and making shadows with their own flashlight! The artist in your child comes out as they paint their very own starry night!

July boxes will be shipped the first week of July.

Little Reader August

Your child will begin to connect words to sounds with this book and their mini-stamper. They will grow in their sorting skills with fun farm stickers. Exploring the letter sounds with the letter blocks will begin to lay the foundation to build their reading on. They will have fun playing hide and seek with their own plush little animal friend!

August boxes will be shipped the first week of August.



These literature based activity boxes are developed especially with your 3 year old in mind. Books are chosen based on the interests of a three year old, then fun activities are developed that are engaging and developmentally appropriate. Your child will lay a foundation for reading, number understanding, and the world around them.

Each book will come with 4 activities: one language and one math as well as two other activities. There are also parent pages that will include extension activities and other books that you can find in the Library with similar themes and/or authors to the book. Start your child off on a life-long love of reading!


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