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Kinder Reader (Quarterly)


Receive a Kinder or 1st Grade level BZY reader each quarter for a year. They included book will be themed to match the season or holiday of when they arrive.



Kinder/1st Reader Fall 2017

Fall is here! This activity box is based on friends learning to cooperate. There are two reading components to this box. The first is a nameplate. This is a great resource for your child because it has many academic reminders right there. There are also mini stamps and two pads for your child to practice sight words. There are number word pumpkins and pumpkin seeds to build number understanding. There is a mini pumpkin and three zip type baggies to study and observe decomposition.

Your child will be able to bring out their inner designer with the pumpkin craft. There is a sticker page to create a crazy pumpkin as well as a foam pumpkin and yellow foam adhesive sheet to design a pumpkin of their own!  Please give careful supervision with the stamps as the stamp pad ink is not washable. This box does have small pieces, so please keep out of reach for children under 3.  Color of the ink pads varies.

Kinder/1st Reader Winter 2018

Winter provides the perfect opportunity for indoor activities! This box keeps your child’s mind active with fun things to do. They are King/Queen for the day with their word family crown! Then they truly begin to learn what 100 actually means as they count and color 100 circles. Their scientific brain will study how to get small things out of a glacier ball (you provide the water and freezer).

They will also have the material to make a cute snowman head magnet. There are small pieces so keep out of reach of little ones younger than 3 as these could present a choking hazard. Colors for the snowman earmuffs may vary.

Kinder/1st Reader Spring 2018

Spring brings the world outside alive! Bring out the naturalist with this K/1 Spring activity box! Your child will explore how smaller words can be used to read bigger words. They will explore and compare using standard and non-standard means of measuring things they find around the house. Watch them become bird experts as they search for birds and document observations in their very own science journal. This classic book uses collages to illustrate the story and your child will have the opportunity to create their own outdoor collage picture similar to the illustrator. The binocular style and collage papers will vary from box to box.

Kinder/1st Reader Summer 2018

Summer is a time for fishing and what better way to fish than fish for words! This box comes with the materials to make your own fishing pole and fish to catch. There is a sticker page to create a fishbowl. There are fish beanbags to make and toss. A shark is a danger in the book, your child can create a fun shark picture with the scratch off paper. This box also comes with a surprise not pictured. Fun times await your child with the box!