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Little Reader Fall 2017

Little Readers Fall box builds strong letter and number recognition with the activities included. There is a magnetic white board with a special crayon that will give your child the opportunity to practice developing their fine motor skills and creativity as they draw and “write” like a big kid. They will have fun hunting through the sand bottle for different letter beads and begin recognizing letters of the alphabet.

Learning and reinforcing number recognition will be fun with the number puzzle. There is all you need to have your child create their own unique alphabet tree! This box is meant for children three years and older. The beads are small and could potentially be a choke hazard for children younger. The sand color and bottle shape may vary.

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These literature based activity boxes are developed especially with your 3 year old in mind.  Books are chosen based on the interests of a three year old, then fun activities are developed that are engaging and developmentally appropriate.  Your child will lay a foundation for reading, number understanding, and the world around them.

Each book will come with 4 activities: one language and one math as well as two other activities.   There are also parent pages that will include extension activities and other books that you can find in the Library with similar themes and/or authors to the book.  Start your child off on a life-long love of reading!


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