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Young Reader (Quarterly)


Receive a box each quarter that will be themed around the season or holiday. See below for more on what each box will contain.



Young Reader Fall 2017

Fall is here! This activity box is based on a fun building story. A building story is like the classic story “This is the House that Jack Built”.  Each page repeats and builds on the previous page.  There are leaves with sight words found in the story.  There are wooden sticks and stickers to help your child build their understanding of numbers 1-7.  There is paper and crayons for leaf rubbings.  The craft is a scarecrow head that reinforces your child’s understanding of shapes.  This box does contain small pieces.  Please keep it out of the reach of young children.

Young Reader Winter 2018

This activity box explores the cold! From the letter “I” craft to build letter recognition to the ice cube “fishing” with a magnet and penguin sticker sheet and background page to help your child learn about dressing for the cold, this box is filled with activities for cold winter days. The penguin beach ball will help your child with catching and hand eye coordination. All materials (except water for ice) are contained in this box. Colors of magnet wands may vary. Please keep magnet away from computer type devices as it may erase the hard-drive). Also this box is created for children over 3 and has little pieces that could be a choking hazard for children under 3.

Young Reader Spring 2018

This activity box is based on a book with a surprise ending! There are textured foam letters to put in order and a finger puppet to help your child learn to point to words as you read. The timer will help your child build their counting skills while the compass helps them to begin learning directions alongside a cave craft. All the materials for the activities are contained in the box. Pointer puppet characters may vary.

Young Reader Summer 2018

This activity box is based on a classic nursery rhyme.  There are 6 rainbow puzzles that match rhyming words.  The math activity is to sort and count small bugs.  The science is to create a web for the spider to live in.  The final activity is watercolor painting.  All materials for these activities is contained in the box.  Colors may vary from picture.  Please note that some pieces of this box are small and not for children under 3 years of age, as they can present a choking hazard.



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